Repair Care Easy Q Set of 4 Plastic Spatulas (For Dry Flex)

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Set of 4, non-stick, plastic application knives / spatulas for mixing and blending 2-part resin products especially the Repair Care / Window Care Systems Dry Flex 1, Dry Flex 4 and Dry Flex 16 resin products.

Designed to be lightweight and easy to clean, these Easy Q application knives (sometimes called Windowcare stopping knives) come as a set of 4 with different sizes for various sized repairs, with 3 being flexible and one (green in colour) being a stiff application knife.

• Resin products will not stick to these spatulas, making them easy to clean

• A very handy add-on for mastic sealant applicators, carpenters, joiners and shop fitters etc.

• A useful accessory of the Repair Care International / Window Care Systems

• Perfect size for transportation etc.

• 1x 40mm (flexible), 1 x 80mm (flexible), 1 x 130mm (flexible) & 1 x 80mm (stiff, rigid)

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