Tetrion Powerfil 2K Filler (All sizes)

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- Tetrion 2K Powerfil Filler is a rapid-cure super strong filler which sets 5 times harder than concrete in 15 minutes.

- Tetrion 2K Powerfil's technology ensbles the user to fill large holes, horizontal or vertical, without 'slumping'.

- Its smooth finish can be sanded, overpainted (with all paint types) and drilled within 15 minutes.

- The versatile formulation is also perfect for filling small holes, hairline cracks and grain or knot holes in new wood.

- Tetrion 2K Powerfil can be used on most hard surfaces, is resistant to vibration, will not shrink or crack and cures fully to any depth in one application.

- Suitable for Interior and Exterior use.