Ronseal High Performance Wood Filler

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Few things are beyond repair with Ronseal High Performance Woodfiller is a chemically bonded filler and catalyst that provides extremely tough repairs to virtually any wood damage without shrinking or cracking. Fills to any depth and can be drilled, screwed or planed.

Ideal for use in interior or exterior wood repairs more than 5 mm deep. Typical areas include window frames, sills, doors and door frames. For minor and surface wood repairs use Ronseal Multi Purpose Wood Filler.

Areas of use: Interior / Exterior wood.

Application: Filling Knife.

Drying time approx: 30 mins.

Protection level: Very High.

Available in Various Sizes.

Available in: Natural, Dark or White.


The Ronseal Wood Filler is supplied in a tub with re-sealable lid.