Repair Care Dry Flex 4 (2-IN-1) 180ml Cartridge (Box of 10)

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DRY FLEX® 4 2-IN-1

Elastic repair compound, supplied in a single cartridge, for fast timber repairs and splicing (paintable after 4 hours*).

Ideal for the permanent repair of decayed and damaged wood. Can be used with a standard skeleton gun. Can be sanded and painted on the same day.

Suitable for:

  • The permanent repair of decayed and rotten wood, including windows, doors, fascias/soffits, stairs and furniture.
  • The quick emergency repair of damaged wood.
  • The filling of cracks, gaps and construction joints.
  • External and internal applications.

* Typical curing time for a repair 1cm thick applied at 20ºC. Temperature and humidity may affect curing times.

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