Coral Paintwiz Scuttle Liners 5L/15L/25L (Packs of 8)


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Paint Scuttle Liners and Paint Kettle Liners help painters to save money through faster cleanup, reduced waste, and extended equipment life. Some of the many benefits include:

  • Less mess: never wash another paint scuttle or paint kettle again!
  • Save time: cuts cleanup time to one minute without water!
  • Quick changes: swap liners when working with multiple colours
  • Handy for breaks: tighten tie-tape to keep paint and your tools fresh for longer
  • Longer life: keeps your scuttle/kettle pristine and extends its useful life
  • Less waste: snip a corner and squeeze excess paint back into its container
  • Water kind: waterless cleanup and eliminates paint-laden drain water
  • Versatile: suitable for water and solvent-based paints
  • Durable: made of extra-strong, tear-resistant materials

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