Bonda Decor Fill 2 Part Decorating Hardener Filler (All sizes)

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Bonda Decor Fill is an easy to use, 2 part multi-purpose polyester filler with rapid hardening prope.

Bonda Decor Fill hardens with a non-tack surface that is easy to sand and has minimal paper clogging. Takes all types of paints. Decor fill does not slump on application and is ideal for: Wood - Filling holes, splits, shakes and damaged edges on joinery as a wood filler. Repairing window and door frames. Metal - Filling dents and holes in cars and vehicle bodies. Smoothes out weld joints and rough metal surfaces.

Fills sanding marks. Mending metal pipes/gutters. Securing bolts and screws. Concrete - Fills cracks and holes. Can be used to bond and build up damaged areas. GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) - Repairs cracks, fractures and holes in GRP. Use for skim coating GRP to obtain a smooth surface. Patterns - For the construction of models and prototypes where a rigid, easily sandable, material is required.