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Perfect to apply wallcoverings, borders and self-adhesives the Flexible Smoothing Tool replaces any smoother, seam roller and trim guide. The cut resistant see-through acrylic is easy to use, it leaves a professional finish and a strong bond. The Flexible Smoothing Tool is a revolutionary acrylic tool that smoothes out wrinkles, sets seams and guide trims. Its patented double-bevel edge guides over surfaces and slides along for neat, clean finish.

The Flexible Smoothing Tool eliminates ordinary tools like bristly brushes, rubbery smoothers, seam rollers and metal trim guides that scratch, stretch, tear and cause split seams. It makes installation of wallcoverings and borders easy, fast and trouble-free.

 Perfect for applying wallcoverings, borders and self-adhesives Replaces smoother, seam roller and trim guide. Patented double-bevel edge glides without grabbing Cut resistant acrylic resists damage with trim knife Eliminates problems like stretching, scratching, tearing and split seams Perfect to burnish self-adhesives for a strong bond Easy to use - leaves a professional finish

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