Repair Care International DRY SEAL® Replacement Putty Elastic Glazing Sealant White

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REPAIRCARE INTERNATIONAL / (AKA WINDOWCARE SYSTEMS) DRYSEAL® MP ELASTIC GLAZING, PUTTY REPLACEMENT WHITE Dryseal MP (formerly named Dryseal® UN) is a durable alternative to linseed oil putty in wooden and metal windows, solvent-free, one-component sealant based on specific modified silane terminated polymer.

Ideal for all glazing units, including standard and slim double glazed sealed units, laminated, acoustic and safety glass. Although any standard skeleton gun can be used, the material is obviously slightly stiffer than conventional silicone type mastic sealant, so a good quality mastic sealant gun is recommended (such as MK H45PSB)

Perfect for finishing a job completed with the Repaircare/Windowcare System. Smooth tooling to a professional finish can be done with an appropriate tool (such as the Palu tooling block) .

• Moisture and UV-resistant, solvent-free, modified silane terminated polymer

• A very handy add-on for mastic sealant applicators, carpenters, joiners and shop fitters etc.

• Permanently elastic and doesn't shrink

• Excellent compatibility with all paints and stains, including VOC 2010 products

• Compatible with double-glazed sealed units, laminated & acoustic glass and all glazing tapes