Repair Care International DRY FLEX® 1 Wood Joinery Repair Resin

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REPAIRCARE INTERNATIONAL / (AKA WINDOWCARE SYSTEMS) DRY FLEX® 1 (HOUR) - 2 PART WOOD REPAIR RESIN The original and best windowcare, timber repair system by Repair Care International.

This popular, top selling, 2-Part, 1 - hour cure resin system is perfect for very fast repairs and splicing, it can be sanded and painted etc. after 1 hour.

Dry Flex® 1 remains permanently elastic and has excellent modelling characteristics. Specified by English Heritage and the National Trust for many years for all wood repairs from simple decorating to huge refurbishments.

Dry Flex® 1 is fully compatible with most Dulux paint systems.

• Built-in mixing control system, practical, fast and complete

• Ultra fast cure system, 2 year shelf life, without loss of quality!

• A very handy add-on for mastic sealant applicators, carpenters, joiners and shop fitters etc.

• Can be used on all timber species

• Easy to saw, plane, screw and drill ready for sanding and painting after 1 hour