ProDec Masking Tape Value Bundle 50M roll (Pack of 3)


Pack Size: 3x 24mm
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ProDec Masking Tape Value Bundle 50M roll (Pack of 3)

  • Do you want a masking tape for precise, crisp lines? Would you like a painter’s tape for interior surfaces not in direct sun-light? Do you want residue free removal within 24 hours?
  • Protect and mask interior surfaces for a neat edge and a quality finish you'll be proud of.
  • Mask emulsion, gloss, and spray paints on smooth, lightly textured, and curved surfaces including walls, trim, glass, metal. Rubber adhesive on crepe tape for a medium tack at up to 60 degrees Celsius
  • With clean and well bonded surfaces, you'll apply the tape evenly, locking down edges to Block paint bleed. Once cured (Not completely dry), pull the tape back onto itself for clean removal.
  • Apply properly, and whether you are a professional, DIY or hobby user you can depend on this tape for pleasing results.

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