UPol EASY/7 Easy One Super Easy Sanding Lightweight Body Filler, 3 Liter, Tin Grey

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When thinking about repairing any bodywork damage, you need to first fill the area in order to create a smooth finish. UPol have created a product which not only be used for large and small repairs, but also leaves a professional looking finish.

The Upol Easy One Body Filler comes in a 3 litre tin. The filler is a polyester compound which once applied, leave a pinhole free finish. The finish can be easily sanded down to leave a nice, smooth bodywork finish ready to be primed and painted.

UPol - A world leader in automotive refinish products. Recognised globally with sales in over 100 countries, UPol are committed to providing their customers with nothing but products of the highest quality. With over 60 years of manufacturing and marketing experience within the industry UPol have built a solid reputation not only for their company; but also for their brand portfolio; and pride themselves on being at forefront of innovation within the market.

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